CBD VITAL CBG Naturalextract 5%

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CBDVITAL Hemp Extract Premium CBG Oil 5%

Contains the natural spectrum of plant substances and is off Organic certified farms in Austria.

CBG Oil Premium from CBD-Vital contains a standardized content of 5% activated CBG and is obtained in a special extraction process. Permanent analyzes and purity certificates ensure the constant content and quality. The CBG oil 5% is also characterized by its low THC content (<0.01%).

• 500 mg of activated cannabigerol (5%) per 10 ml

• Highest quality level through permanent analysis

• 100% decarboxylated

• THC <0.01%

• Naturally bitter taste

• With high quality hemp seed oil Application recommendation

• To support stress and inner nervousness

• For beautiful skin (for irritated problem skin)

• Not psychoactive Recommended

Dosage: Drip 2 x 4 drops under the tongue. The drops should be held briefly in the mouth before they are swallowed. The consumption recommendation can be continuously adjusted or increased.

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil (cold pressed), hemp extract contains 5% CBG; 0.42% CBD / CBDA; 0.06% CBC; 0.01% THC.

Contents: 10 ml (approx. 300 drops) contain 500 mg activated CBG (5%), 1 drop contains approx. 1.6 mg CBG.